The Story of Us

Wifey and I met in 2009. We were just babies. Mutual friends introduced us on a night out. I was shy, I hadn’t been ‘out’ for very long and fancied the pants off Wifey but was too nervous to tell her. We hung out all night that first night and neither of us had the guts to make the move on the other. Our mutual friend gave us the shove we needed and put the others phone number in our phones. The next day I perked up the courage to text Charlotte and we arranged to meet for a drink and dinner. The rest is literally history!

We went slowly at first, we had both been hurt before and didn’t want to rush into anything. But soon we were forced into making a decision about how our future was going to play out. Wifey couldn’t find a job and so she had to move back home to her parents which was a couple hundred miles away. I was a student at University so couldn’t go with her. We had a decision to make: Did we see a future? Did we want to make it work? Would she come back to me as soon as it became practical? We decided yes and took a huge leap of faith.

Thus began 9 months of long-distance relationship. Wifey worked 3 jobs to save up and I carried on with my degree and working to save up too. It was tough. On average we saw each other once every 8 weeks. But we knew there was an end in sight. Once Wifey had settled her debts she moved back and we had a brief stint in a house share with a couple of friends. Then once I graduated and we were both working we moved into our own place together in 2011.

We’ve been together in this house ever since! A lot has changed.

We got engaged in 2012. (I asked her).

We got married in Vegas in 2013. Neither of us wanted a wedding with guests and very much wanted it to be just us. We’re both averse to being the centre of attention and so began looking for options that would be fun and memorable. We settled on Vegas to check both of those boxes! As it wasn’t legal then, we signed the register here in the UK first (no rings, no vows, just signed the piece of paper) and then flew to Vegas the next day. Here we had the ceremony. Candlelit in the evening. My brother and his wife were in San Francisco at the time and they drove up to be our witnesses!

Since then we’ve both been working and clearing off youthful debts. A year ago I applied to go back to University to do my masters degree in Occupational Therapy. Wifey and I compromised that she would support me through this, and then once I am qualified we can have a baby! And that is where we are now. Making plans and getting ourselves ready for taking the next big step!


When we were young!


Signing the register!


Wifey and I recently on a road trip to France!


Vegas wedding!


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