Wifey turns 29!

Yesterday was Wifeys birthday. She turned 29. We had a lovely day celebrating. Bucks fizz (mimosas) for breakfast and afternoon tea with a friend.

After afternoon tea I had to carry on working on my assignments as they were due in today. So wifey went out for a few drinks with friends.

It’s been tough the last few weeks. Well the last 6 months really. The adjustment to being back at uni has been tough. I think we were naive when we went into it, thinking that me not being at work would balance out the fact I’d be studying! We were wrong. Being on placement, studying and working part time has left barely any time for us to be together. The last 2 weeks on particular I’ve been glued to a screen trying to finish assignments. 

Wifey begged me to not work on her birthday but I just couldn’t promise it as I had so much to do. It’s really hard to find that balance and I can’t describe how much I appreciate her support and all she has sacrificed for me to do this course. I know she signed up for it, but she’s given a lot to this venture. It’s not just me that has.

Anyway it was important for me to give her a special day. And I think I did. I left the laptop behind until 7pm at night and spent the whole day with her doing all the things she wanted to do. 

You can’t put a price on making someone that special happy. She sure deserves it. 


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