So that’s it, we are officially in our first TWW (two week wait).

This has come around sooner that we thought it would. The plan has always been to wait until I finished my Masters degree as it is full time and pretty intense. However we have talked a lot about it recently and Charlotte is nearly 30 and really wanted to have a baby pre-30’s. She’s already held off this long to support me and the more we talked, the more we realised that there won’t ever be the perfect time. I am (we both are) super ready to be parents. It’s all we think about, talk about and plan for. But I could talk myself out of it at every turn without even trying. Not enough money, we don’t own our own house, I want to live somewhere else, I’d prefer to have a garden, let’s pay off the credit card first, let’s pay off the loan first….so on and so forth.

We will never be rich. We can still move, but will probably wait till I qualify before we do. Same for buying our own home. As for the rest, a baby can fit into our lives (it’ll have to) I have no doubt. We really just got to a point where we didn’t see the sense of keep planning and always putting it off.

Add into that the time factor. We are doing AI (artificial insemintation) at home so didn’t know how many months that might take. Basically our reasoning boiled down to it; could take years so let’s start trying now. If it ‘takes’ sooner then great, we’ll make it work. Maybe we are crazy? But all I know is that we are desperate to get started on building a family of our own.

So we contacted the donor and told him we were going to get started if he was still on board. He said it was fine by him. From the couple of months head start we had given ourselves of monitoring Charlotte’s ovulation we predicted she would ovulate around the only time we could actually get to the donor (he lives 400 odd miles away). Fate Right?

As the next month’s passed and we kept testing with OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) and charting her cycle the apps were pushing her ovulation date earlier and earlier. We were gutted as we couldn’t change our dates to visit. Secretly both sad, we ventured to plod on and visit donor regardless and maybe have a test run to get any awkwardness or teething issues out of the way.

I don’t know if we had been reading the OPKs wrong or if it could be attributed to the eclipse but the craziest thing happened. We had decided to buy the clear blue ovulation tests because there is no mistaking that flashing smile or solid block smile and we wanted to be definitely sure. And would you believe as the week went on, every test was showing no ovulation, every day up until 2 days before we were due to travel when she got the sign for fertile period. The very same day we travelled to donor she got a positive surge on the clear blue in the morning. We managed to inseminate that night and she ovulated (We’re pretty confident) the morning after so we did another insemination that following night too! So 9hrs after +opk and about 30hrs after +opk.

So here we are, officially 3dpo. In the TWW and counting down the days till we can start pregnancy testing. Trying to stay realistic that it’s unlikely to work first time but finding it hard to because it was like everything fell into place for us.

As this blog is also about being a resource for others who might be going through the same thing, I will do a post about the ins and outs of the home insemination. It’ll be TMI but I read someone’s blog who had done similar post and it helped me massively.

Keep everything crossed for us that we have an implantation going on this week!

Our lucky fertility socks gifted from a friend going through IVF. Apparently women in the fertility community gift each other lucky socks. So cute.


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